Bay Area Beauties

So it’s not that there aren’t any fashion bloggers in the Bay, not exactly anyway. Since that first post, I’ve come across two bloggers with great style.

And because I’m still working on getting my own pictures up on this blog, I would like to give these beauties a shout out, exemplifying as they do the sartorial daring of the area, broadcasting their own stylish selves.

Check out the example of Late Afternoon’s own leopard print pitch. I want those heels. I love how that pop of mustard perfectly contrasts/compliments the leopard print. The silver bangle cools down the color palette just enough to pop. The pants are well-tailored keeping the billow of the top from swallowing her up, a difficulty when dealing with an allover print. (In addition to considering color palette, always keep proportions in mind when choosing your costume, friends.) She looks great here, is what I’m saying.

I'm also a sucker for peach.

I don’t know who her photographer is, but her pics are great. Another great outfit. Sumptuous peach and sumptuous fur, bold but tempered by the black backdrop everywhere else.

CaliVintage is an East Bay-er with great style and POV.

While perhaps not the most weather-appropriate of outfits, it hits the mark and we’ve all been feeling, I think, the restrictions faced when dressing for rain. Why I love this outfit: 1. The heels would help her feet stay dryer and the great navy umbrella kicks the congruence of the ‘fit up a notch as well as helping keep her warm and dry. 2. The skirt fits her great. 3. Fur!

Also? What is going on with those sock garters? I couldn’t say but it is the awesome.

The turban’s not for everyone, but if you want to turn a sash into your new top topper, CaliVintage made a video.

Dude, who needs basic black at all when you can mix prints like it’s your MO? Autumnal plaid + classic herringbone + more leopard print = PROFESSIONAL.


Brava ladies.


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