10. Hash Out

Click here for the complete collection on Style.com.

“I had this idea to do something about personal clothing, memory, and identity, so I started writing to people I admire and asking them to send me something of theirs to transform.”

Okay, this look is actually my #1 of the too few pieces that Anne Valerie Hash offered up in Paris last week.

Anne Valérie Hash is the new kid on the block, she’s only been doing couture since 2007, so it may be mean-spirited to put her last. But here’s the thing, her Spring 2010 ready-to-wear show was very impressive (despite some stumpifying1 skirts). The look was well-defined and cohesive. The color palette stuck cleanly to black and bone, the proportions were interesting and wearable, and the whole thing came off finely-tailored, -crafted, and -conceived. Plus, converse are always cool. (Just follow the purple hyperlink to pull back the curtain on that collection.)

See, this is what I mean. I just dont' get this. It seems more like a garment that would win a Pass on Project Runway than complete haute couture.

Her couture here, on the other hand, comes off slap-dash and limited. The concept is awesome (see the above quote) but the final product doesn’t hit the mark. What was chicly oversized in her latest RTW2 just seemed too big for the models on the couture runway. The use of sheer fabrics isn’t as impressive as it was in RTW and the materials don’t read extremely lush. Which I think they should in high fashion.

Another OK kid entry from Hash.

In general, I am impressed by her work and look forward to her future lines. This one just didn’t do it for me.

1. “Stumpify” is a term coined by the fug girls to describe dresses, skirts, etc. whose length, shape, or fit conspire to make the wearer appear shorter and stumpier (natch) than she should. Beware the stump, ladies.
2. FYI, RTW=Ready-to-wear. ICYDK.

All images taken from Style.com.


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