4. Drop Dead Dior

Click here for the complete collection on Style.com.

Look, the whole vampire thing has been done to death. We get it, we’re over it.1

I mean, really.

But! I find so much of this so drool-worthy.

"Why no, sir. I don't own any horses."

This whole “prewar Southern socialite turned vamp, Scarlett O’Hara at a formal ball at Fangtasia” thing? It’s working for me.

After sweet tea and blood sucking in the sitting room.
She will hunt you down. And she will hurt you. But all you will be able to think about are those gloves.

The color palette is a bit all over the place, but the jewel tones are fantastic. This spread also kind of works. Not all the undead DAR dress the same, you know.

That blue!

The tailoring is beyond amazing.

How incredible is this? I love the theatricality of all of this.
I mean, what is even going on here? It's as if it was tailored by fairies with magical, antigravity powers.

Again, I want to be bored by the whole vampire thing but this is so unabashedly goth yet girly, precise but frantic–not unlike a vampire on the hunt–and I cannot help but be breath-taken and agog impressed.

Blood lust and glory.

Also? I’ve been drawn in recently by the simple drama of opera gloves. These colored and leather variations are incredible. I covet.

Seriously, why don't I own brightly colored, leather, long past the elbow gloves? This is a quality of life issue.

1. Okay. Admission: I’m totally not over the vampire thing. Twihards can suck it, I haven’t jumped on that G-rated train yet, but Buffy is probably the greatest show of all time, and I’m loving the Sookie Stackhouse books these days, and True Blood is cool, dead sexy, and has one of the best theme songs/openings of all time.

All images taken from Style.com.

Click here for the complete collection on Style.com.


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