5. Moon Over Armani

Click here for the complete collection on Style.com.

The construction on this one is incredible, no?

This line begins to strike the balance I personally am looking for in a new collection. It’s distinctly Armani but still distinct and creative enough to be recognizable as this collection down the line. There is something very “the future as imagined by the early 1960s” and also very “Dynasty at the Cantina” about this, and yet it feels very original and true to itself.

See what I mean?

It’s good though, no? It’s somehow both aristocratic and bonkers.

Somehow whimsical and refined, this is over the top and yet not at all.

The tailoring is directional and finely-tuned. Nothing feels too little or too much.

I mean, look at this. How do you not secretly cherish this? It's clever and arch...
...yet moody and sleek.

I kind of love it.

This one is like being bubbly and giddy at the Planetarium and getting to wear the whole experience in some kind of glorious power suit.

All images taken from Style.com.


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