7. Saab as Soothing and Smooth Salve

Click here for the complete collection on Style.com.

The opener, a frilly floatly lovely.

See now here those same overly sweet pastels come off grown-up and gorgeous.

Another frothy, fantastic confection.

The details—floral appliqués, embroidery—are pitch perfect, add the right amount of texture and dimension, and overall just plain work (nay, make) the look of the line.

Showing leg and glowing.

Also like Karl, Saab sticks to a few familiar silhouettes. But where Chanel’s were burdened and frumpy, these are flattering and snipped. It doesn’t feel redundant to see the same shape again and again because the details are so beautiful and fitting.

Feathery and ethereal and feminine and you could never be sad if you put this on. Or maybe you could only be sad. It would depend maybe on whether you lived in a tower and if there were any witches with grudges in the area.

Elie, he’s not breaking any boundaries but this is a beautiful collection. And as a whole it all works together. The tailoring and apparent level of detail warrant the haute couture label. I’d wear every piece with relish.1

1. Mmmmmm, relish.

All images taken from Style.com.


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