Among the Murmur

Sorry for the last minute post friends. But if any one is looking for something to do (in Oakland) tonight, I’ve got a great event.

Unfortunately, I wont be able to attend tonight’s opening, but Cameron Jackson and Jessica Cox, who run and curate the Alphonse Berber Gallery in Berkeley, have also curated this new exhibition, Rhythm and Rupture. In partnership with Era Gallery and Bar’s Alfonso Dominguez, Rhythm and Rupture features new work from Yvonne Mouser, Joshua Dildine, Justin Margitich, Christina Empedocles, Don Porcella and Stephanie Inagaki – artists who are engaged in defining the aesthetic claims and concerns of a new generation, according to the email I got about it.

Tonight’s opening is part of the Oakland Art Murmur, an AMAZING monthly event, which everyone in the Bay should check out sooner or later, and again and again. This is definitely one of my favorite recurring events around town, a great place to ponder (all kinds of) art and people watch.

I for one will check out and look forward to checking out this new exhibit, as Alphonse Berber is probably my favorite gallery in the Bay and I’m totally confident in anything Cameron and Jessica put out. For real, they’re that good. You’ve got to stop by Alphonse Berber. Check it, I even link to them in my sidebar, such is my admiration.


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