Inspiration Sunday

“I am a woman who enjoys herself very much; sometimes I lose, sometimes I win.”–Mata Hari

Bug Under Glass monarch with vintage map of California, $48

Here are a few interrelated images to provide additional inspiration for your quickly encroaching week. I will attempt to make “Inspiration Sunday” a weekly thing. Which leads into… What else would you guys like to see from me? What should I be writing about that I haven’t yet?

I appreciate everyone who reads and want to keep y’all interested. Send me your thoughts, ideas, and so on in the comments section please.

Utilitarian Franchise human lung and heart growing wild flowers and orchids with butterflies, silk screened wall hanging, $35

My own inspiration for this post? Bodies, butterflies, and wanderlust.

I’ve been working lately on getting my body strong again, walking and wondering thru town, enjoying the beauty of spring in the Bay. The monarchs are rolling through town. I’ve seen three perfect specimens in Berkeley in as many days.

Who else has spotted the colorful fluttering of warm weather butterflies around town?

I’ve also been thinking a lot lately about travel and camping. “Camping,” specifically, keeps coming up in conversation so this may be a good cue that I need to get out of dodge for a few days and put some dirt under my feet.

Selflesh, hand embroidered archival print of a rare vintage star map in the form of an anatomical heart, with red thread that radiates from the North Star, $30
  1. The Bug Under Glass studio is located in San Francisco and here you can find beautiful specimens, butterflies and beetles, in amazing color and richly detailed. The Bug Under Glass studio offers museum quality specimens and museum quality frames and framing practices. Furthermore, this is a Green Certified business and all of the insects are farm raised, not wild caught, from forest conservation programs around the world. Biologist Kevin Clarke will also gladly work with customers for tailored home displays or one-of-a-kind gifts. I love how unique and well-crafted his displays are. These go beyond your typical bug-in-a-box presentations. This one is my favorite. Y’all already know how I have a thing for beetles.
  2. I’m a little bit obsessed with The Utilitarian Franchise. Based in San Francisco, they make compelling and strangely beautiful screen printed pillows and canvases that feature animal-human hybrids and more traditional nature imagery. I love the Professor Tucan and Lion Baby pillows, but I think this Jellyfish in Armor is my favorite. I love the one I featured above as well. Honestly, again, I’m kind of obsessed with their stuff. I’d buy out the whole stock if such a thing were doable.
  3. Okay, so Selflesh isn’t actually a Bay Area artist. I just realized this. Somehow, because I love her stuff obviously, her etsy shop was put in the list of my (Bay Area) favorites. But, whatever, I do what I want. Maine-based artist Shannon Rankin makes fine art, embellished, and limited edition prints. A lot of her collage work includes maps, which I love; I love maps. Images of the body (hands, heads, anatomical hearts) and images of birds are also big themes in her work. Again: love, love, love. So what if she lives in Maine? One of my best friends is from Maine.

3 thoughts on “Inspiration Sunday”

  1. beautiful thank you.

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately too about the need to be walking again, and making myself wake up to the stunning beauty around me. a week ago I was stunned to find a new flower I had *never* seen in the Bay (California Flannel Bush).

    Here’s why I come to your blog: inspiration, beauty, poetry, and a new way of understanding an art form that I didn’t feel privy to before. For the most part I’d say just keep being yourself and doing what you do here. That’s what I like best.

    Also, I think I’ve mentioned two things that would be useful for me as a “student”:
    1) seeing some images of things you DON’T like and explanations of why and how the outfit or etc could be improved to make it workable
    2) case studies?


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