Clothes for Social Folk

Remember when I bragged of my love for army/olive green and red?

Well, here’s the proof.

Here I am at the Shop Social mixer at the posh W Hotel. Hosted by and DNA (designers + artists), this event gave me the chance to chat with fellow bloggers and touch base with some great local designers.

I’m wearing:

  1. vintage Levi Strauss canvas work pants from the nineteen-teens. Seriously. I purchased them at last spring’s Vintage Clothing Expo. The vendors had acquired them from an estate sale, and these Most Favored of Trousers came with two photographs dated 1921 that showed the original owner chilling serenely by an untouched creek wearing my new pants. They put me back, if memory serves, $75, which seems like a steal considering that they’ve already held up well for nearly or more than 100 years. Legit. Their color is much more green in real life.
  2. a red, v-neck cardigan worn backwards, acquired last week from a street-side free pile. People throw away the best stuff. Yes, I washed it.
  3. black leather bondage heels from Nine West, purchased probably two years ago. I love these shoes. I spent almost $100 on them–which I never do, I very rarely spend that much on anything, though I know that’s not that much for shoes–but I had had had to have them.
  4. black leather, studded belt, borrowed from Hannah. Tee hee, thanks Hannah! (I’m house- and cat-sitting for Hannah Banana right now so this borrowing-of-belts is news to her*wink*.)
  5. Coincidentally, Hannah B also hand-made that rad, red necklace. Hannha, hannah, hannah.
After I took this get-up to a vaudeville-like, circusy, carnivalesque revue called Hello Folly! at Amnesia in SF. Highly enjoyable, it was a mix of performance art, folk opera, and music. It was also awesome.

It was awesome touching face-to-face base with Alex and Amy and Jenny, seeing Liz again, meeting Jen Jennings of Serial Cultura and Alyssa Nicole, who were all sweet as pie and oh-so talented. These photos come courtesy of Kristine Kirong over at Chictopia. Thank you again Kristine for the wonderful pics.

It was awesome as always to see the Folk Opera. I love you all madly.


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