No Susanna, Friday Is My Funday

In case you need some something to do on Friday:

Alphonse Berber Projects is pleased to announce it's inaugural exhibition: Kamau Amu Patton. The exhibition will bring together new site-specific light works, sculptures, prints and a single painting to create an immersive perceptual experience for visitors.

My friends over at Alphonse Berber have been busy, busy bees lately. They and their fellows have three galleries opening Friday, June 4 in San Francisco.

Maya Kabat, Cities and Signs 3, 16" x 16", Oil on canvas

Also, in conjunction with the Oakland Art Murmur–which is awesome and if you’ve never been, well, what the hell?!? it happens every month and it’s obscenely BARTable and RAD and, really, if you say you’ve never been because it’s in Oakland I’m going to slap you–

my friend Maya Kabat is one of two artist featured at the Mercury 20, which is one of the 21 galleries with a voice in Murmur. Seriously, I told you, Art Murmur’s really kick ass.

But if you’re not moved to hang East Bay, if you must or would like to or want to be in the city on Friday night, Cameron and Jessica would be pleased as pie to see you all at 575 Sutter St.

If you haven’t noticed, I like promoting my friends. So tell me if you’re throwing/hosting/debuting/playing/showing at some whatever event [here in the Bay] and I’ll totally talk it up. That’s how I roll.


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