A Day at the Beach

Two of the best and most highly praised and talked about lines seem, to me, so perfectly matched to one another and fitting for a swanky, boho beach soirĂ©e. I’ve chosen a few key jewelry pieces by Bay Area designers to go with these looks. Like check out these out-in-nature appropriate, “weirdly beautiful” earrings. They’d be great with any of these looks and I’d kind of wear them with everything really. Beetles are awesome.

Mermaiden Creations green beetles earrings in resin

So people (and by “people” I mean fashion bloggers) are losing their shit over Miu Miu’s Spring line.

Those are birds in flight on top and prancing cats below, at Miu Miu Spring 2010.

The prints in this collection are just insanely amazing.

The gorgeous Lara Stone in cheeky Miu Miu

On a clean and complimentary color palette of black, navy, baby blue, and pale pink–with punches of lipstick red–Miuccia Prada has placed repeating prints of cats, dogs, birds, hippie-esque daisies, and reclining nudes.

Sequin and mesh detailing at Miu Miu Spring 2010

After the sleek and slim pantsuits, Prada’s put dresses and tops of “nude” mesh overlain with gorgeous sequin detailing. For many of these, those great prints are used on the arms, giving the whole look an odd but alluring and backwards feel. “Backwards” because normally we’re fine baring arms but like to keep our torsos covered, and here you see the opposite: arms are covered and prim and the length of the body will be sheerly- and sequin- covered.

Tina Tarnoff Louis XVI Chair Brooch

Some of the looks in this collection can come off overly odd, but I would recommend looking through the detail shots where the from-afar-awkwardness can be seen for all its quirky but perfectly executed WOW.

A closer look at those I-want prints at Miu Miu, Spring 2010

I’m not even sure who these clothes are for or where I would wear them, but the innocence punched through with nudge-nudge, wink-wink charm is ultimately alluring. I totally get why everyone’s falling over themselves to praise this collection.

Sweetness and spunk at Miu Miu, Spring 2010

And how cool would that Tina Tarnoff Louis XVI Chair Brooch look against any one of these looks?

China Beach with Seafoam, Heath Orchard photography

And for my little imaginary beach party, we’ve got Christopher Kane next. I’ve already thrown in one killer Kane mini in my Esme/Emily post, but how great are these grown-up ginghams for spring?

Beaded floral bust and leggy picnic skirt at Christopher Kane, Spring 2010

His side-slitting skirts are so yummy, and the cutout factor is high. I think I need to find a way to DIY this beckoning, burgeoning trend.

The perfect, sexy sweater and skirt at Christopher Kane

Kane is quickly becoming one of my absolute favorite designers.

Ploust storm urchin ring in atomized metal-infused resin on acrylic band

He’s creative and seems to be pushing himself. His designs, in my humble opinion, are clever, quirkly, and yet totally wearable. Seriously, I’d take any one of these dresses and any one of his designs from previous (and even unseen future) lines. Remember this screaming chimpanzee dress? Everyone went wild over that one too.

Christopher Kane Spring 2010

I’ve been friends with the immensely talented Heath Orchard for years. He’s a great guy and a wonderful photographer. I mean, how gorgeous is that shot of China Beach? He specializes in portrait, wedding, and food photography but look out for future, fashion-focused collaborations between Heath and yours truly. Also, check out his blog for an image of the week.

Based in Oakland, Mermaiden Creations is the ecclectic, creative brainchild of a self-described ADD crafter. Her etsy shop is an eclectica of handmade unusual jewelry, bewitching hats and wickedly whimsical wonders. On top of featuring wildly different and wild creations, her prices are fantastically affordable. Those beetle earrings? They’re only $10! I know, crazy.

Tina Tarnoff is a San Francisco-based artist. Her jewelry is created using prints of her papercut images, which are set under a clear cabochon dome. They include necklaces, chokers and brooches in various styles. The jewelry comes beautifully packaged and makes the perfect present. That Louis XVI chair brooch is only $35. Most of her designs are similarly charming and reasonably priced.

Ploust creates alluring jewelry based of the sea. I absolutely love her sea urchin rings and necklaces. She also has an etsy shop where you can purchase her pieces. Cast directly from sea urchin shells collected from Pacific Ocean tide pools, this collection captures sensual nature as wearable art. All five of her hand-mixed colors try to capture the moods of the ocean and its beaches. The ring above, atomized metal-infused resin on an acrylic band, is $35.

Friends, readers, contrymen: Support local artists!

All fashion images taken from style.com.


Parks and Recreations

Gah! How is it that an entire week has gone by since my last post? Where have I been? Bad blogger!

The short and boring answer is that I’ve spent the week working and playing catchup from a wonderful weekend.

But at least the long weekend really was glorious: I made it to the Elationists after all. The awesome Annie Bacon hosted her annual All-Participatory Talent Show and it succeeded as it does every year in reminding me that people really are incredibly creative, clever, precious, and funny.1 Then I got to check out “Bottled Up,” a Cardboard Institute of Technology art exhibit curated by my favorite Joel Dean Rockit, another event that made me glad to know so many creative folk. *satisfied sigh*

This is me, reading original haikus about towers in the Tower.

Internet friends, I highly recommend throwing your own all-participatory talent shows. You’ll be amazed at all of the crazy and oh-wow that your friends pull out of their hats, have up their sleeves.

Talent shows– much like four-square, Harry Potter, and naps– are not just for the kiddies.

Here in the Bay Area we’re back to grey and gloom weather-wise but I was also able to soak up some sun this weekend. I was, of course, SPF covered2 but my own contentment craves sunshine and being out of doors. I’m not sure I could survive real winters anymore and all you non-Californians are about to be super jealous at this. I went on two different hikes through Golden Gate Park Sunday and Monday and did some writing in Shakespeare’s Garden. Everything is already in bloom. The weather was 70 and sunny. Yes, in February. No, I’m never moving.

Went for Vientamese on my way home Monday and saw the most stylish girl. I didn’t want to disturb her while she was eating but she looked a Gustav Klimt model and I’ve recreated her perfect outfit for your viewing pleasure.

So imagine that the coat she wore was some combination between the Matthew Williamson coat (actually a dress) here and the bag I chose. It also had a sheepskin collar, not unlike that pillow. I think she wore black leggings but I like it here with jeans. The piled on prints--leopard, two kinds of plaid, floral--work because the colors are present but quiet and the silhouette stays simple.
      This stylish San Francisco lass really did look like Klimt's Emilie Floege.

      1. Me? I did what I do every year at this event, which is write and read original haikus on a given topic. See, what happens is Annie gives me a topic when I walk in the fete and then I write as many haikus on the topic as I can until my name is called. People seem to like it every year so I keep it up. And I truly do love writing haikus. Which is why that’s my MO on Twitter. Check it out in the sidebar and follow me if you dig.
      2. Protect your skin friends.

      Bay Area Beauties

      So it’s not that there aren’t any fashion bloggers in the Bay, not exactly anyway. Since that first post, I’ve come across two bloggers with great style.

      And because I’m still working on getting my own pictures up on this blog, I would like to give these beauties a shout out, exemplifying as they do the sartorial daring of the area, broadcasting their own stylish selves.


      Check out the example of Late Afternoon’s own leopard print pitch. I want those heels. I love how that pop of mustard perfectly contrasts/compliments the leopard print. The silver bangle cools down the color palette just enough to pop. The pants are well-tailored keeping the billow of the top from swallowing her up, a difficulty when dealing with an allover print. (In addition to considering color palette, always keep proportions in mind when choosing your costume, friends.) She looks great here, is what I’m saying.

      I'm also a sucker for peach.

      I don’t know who her photographer is, but her pics are great. Another great outfit. Sumptuous peach and sumptuous fur, bold but tempered by the black backdrop everywhere else.

      CaliVintage is an East Bay-er with great style and POV.


      While perhaps not the most weather-appropriate of outfits, it hits the mark and we’ve all been feeling, I think, the restrictions faced when dressing for rain. Why I love this outfit: 1. The heels would help her feet stay dryer and the great navy umbrella kicks the congruence of the ‘fit up a notch as well as helping keep her warm and dry. 2. The skirt fits her great. 3. Fur!

      Also? What is going on with those sock garters? I couldn’t say but it is the awesome.


      The turban’s not for everyone, but if you want to turn a sash into your new top topper, CaliVintage made a video.


      Dude, who needs basic black at all when you can mix prints like it’s your MO? Autumnal plaid + classic herringbone + more leopard print = PROFESSIONAL.


      Brava ladies.