The first of many…

For the first post of what I hope will become a regular and well-read blog, a soon-to-be accepted component of my creative and professional life, I would like to talk a little about what I would like this blog to become.

I’ve been trying to write this post for a while now. Hell, I’ve been thinking about and planning this blog for a good long while now. I think that I have a good idea of what I want to see and how it should look, but for all my talk of “I’m a writer” even this first attempt is proving a challenge. There is no “first and foremost,” which would make this post easier. If I could create a clear and concise outline for what remains a cloudy yet compelling picture of my future as a blogger, fashion writer, and woman about town, well, this first post would be that outline instead of the ramblings of an out-of-work woman.

I hope that this blog will offer a forum for a range of discussions on fashion, art, and music. These conversations will center in the Bay Area, a rich and creative city that no one talks about when they talk about fashion. That no one really talks about, except to make patchouli and protest jokes. The breadth and force of creative energy in this town has inspired me for years (I moved here in 1999) and I want to share this perspective with the world. Or rather the Internet. Potato/Pahtato, right? In addition to “what I’m wearing” posts and style tips courtesy of yours truly, I will provide pictures and commentary on San Francisco style. There is an abundance now of street style blogs, but none of these focuses on San Francisco and the Bay, at least that I have found. (Ok, there is ONE but they rarely post, only seem to take pics downtown, and are limited to street style posts with poor grammar and sloppy content.) Moreover, I hope to give greater substance to these street pics with mini-interviews and commentary. Are you familiar with Bill Cunningham, photographer for the New York Times? He is who I wish to be in this area. I will not succeed, but I will try, and hopefully it will be fun (for me and my readers) and maybe sometimes I’ll even hit the mark.

I will also profile Bay Area-based designers, artists, and musicians. Some of these people will be friends–I have AMAZING friends–and some of them won’t. If you think you know someone I should interview, let me know.

Oh and did I mention that I just had a birthday? I’m now 29 years old and want to, finally, grab the bull by its horns and get going on this life and career and path that I see for myself. I say this not to imply that 29 is old or that it will be too late to make life happen when I’m 30. I bring up my age because I think it hits the same point that my location does. A lack of perspective, a missing piece in the grand clusterfuck of online media. I think that there is a lack or dearth of voices coming from my generation in respect to fashion. On the one hand, you have the Robin Givhans and the Cathy Horyns,┬áthe Bill Cunninghams and Scott Schumans –powerful and intelligent and idols they all may be are–and on the other you have Tavi. Who is GREAT but 13. You have Jane Aldridge, who is still in high school, or you have her mother, Judy. There is very little in between. Now, I do not wish to downplay the opinions or relevance of any of these writers, neither the younger nor the decidedly grown-up generation, but I have missed a perspective that hits closer to my own, that falls in that great abyss between adolescence and (accepted, achieved, what they call mature) experience. Even the Glamourai is younger than I am. (But she and I would be friends. Kelly, call me.) Now how much all of these distinctions of age and place really matter, well, maybe they don’t in the end. However, in the end too, I think that I have something to say about fashion, about art, about San Francisco, about the world, and I think that where I live and where I am in life play into these observations and odes and objections. I think that they are worth bringing up and important to whatever this blog will become, to my own no-longer-private perspective.

I hope you like it.