The Proenza Schouler Spring 2013 Show

Specifically this dress:


But also Look 1, and 22, and 29, and 32, and 34 AND 35 AND 36!!!!!!

It starts off.


And you think you know what you’re in for, you think you know what’s happening, and the first several looks confirm this, there’s a clear vision, and you can see how the path is lain and how it winds, but you can’t. Oh no. You don’t.




More Fall Trends, Brought to You by Etro

This is crazytown. I want it.

Vogue calls Etro, the eponymous house of Veronica Etro, “a kind of Italian answer to Dries Van Noten, which anyone who’s been reading for a while knows I LOVE.1

Too often runway looks don't translate to an actual wardrobe. I actually think this look is something that would work BETTER in real life. Camel is a fantastic color for fall. Leopard print is Grande Dame fun. Though I would switch out that fugly shirt with a grey crewneck tee or fitted sweater.

Easy things to look out for this fall include: menswear, animal prints, leopard print (specifically), camel (the color), jewel tones, fur (as previously mentioned), capes!!, military-inspired (again), big necklaces (again), embellishments.

How great is this?!?! LOVE. Note how the lining matches those beautiful shoes. I want the whole damn thing.

They’re all here in Etro. Give the whole collection a look, you’ll see what I say is the truth.

Holy trend alert: We've got fur, menswear, mixed prints, leopard print all making a showing.

They’re all also things that are either A) already in your closet or B) totally thriftable.

Gorgeous color. Awesome necklace. Cool, embellished tights. Check. Check. Check.

1. Okay, admission: Dries’ Fall 2010 was not my favorite thing that crazy Belgian’s ever done. That said, I still love love love him, want very terribly to have anything of his, want very terribly to get drunk at lunch with him. Also, even though as a whole I was not drooling over this rounds offerings, Look 43 was probably my FAVORITE thing that happened in the entirety of Fall 2010, anywhere.

I just think this is a really cool look.

McQueen Is Dead, Long Live McQueen

Alexander "Lee" McQueen, 1969-2010

Alexander McQueen was a brilliant and prolific fashion designer and artist. His collections are incredible, and I will write more about his work and his legacy soon. He was found dead in his home in London today, an apparent suicide. My thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family. He was just 40 years old.

Things to Do Without Me

Here are the events that I would be attending, with bells on and joy in my heart, if I didn’t already have other things to do.

Annie McKnight, Untitled (taxidermied mice and silver)

The Alphonse Berber Gallery in Berkeley has a new show opening tonight: Works that Disturb the Moonlight. Featuring eight diverse artists, this exhibition “seeks to enrich and explode preconceived ideas about the grotesque and sublime … [and] invites the viewer to encounter the aestheticized human body in both extremes of its cultural perception.” The eight artists are Angie Crabtree, Julia Davis, Igor Josifov, Joshua Martinez, Annie McKnight (see above), Maja Ruznic, Kadet Kuhne and Kim Ye.

So yeah, the opening reception is tonight from 6-9pm and it’s FREE, which is always fun. You can find more information on tonight’s event and the exhibit in general here. And it doesn’t say on the invitation but I’ve been to AB’s openings before and one can always find cheap wine to drink and interesting folks to watch/talk to. These are more things we like.

If you too can’t make it tonight, the show runs through March 27.

The Foundation for the Preservation of Fantastic Possibilities presents...

On Friday night you, you can have A NIGHT OF ELATION! with staged readings from the Elationists’ feature screenplay and selections from the Treasure Horde of Elationist Art. The Elationists Centennial Band will also be live in concert. Finally, who can resist Chocolate Elixir by Fearless Chocolate! Some of the great folks who make up the Elationists are good friends of mine and they will blow you away. It’s music, story telling, art, and historical fiction all fused together in a wild ride.

It all happens at the Million Fishes Art Collective Fri Feb 12, kicking off at 8pm. There is a $10-15 suggested donation, but no one turned will be turned away for lack of funds.

Visit for more information on these crazy kids and their crazy schemes and be sure to tell Annie Bacon “Happy Birthday!”
Feel like dancing?

Also on Friday night is the Matchmaker Mashup, presented by Brass Cowboys at the Paradise Lounge. With a bunch of great DJs and all of the proceeds benefiting AIDS Lifecycle 2010, this is a great way to feel even better shakin what your momma gave you.

Among the Murmur

Sorry for the last minute post friends. But if any one is looking for something to do (in Oakland) tonight, I’ve got a great event.

Unfortunately, I wont be able to attend tonight’s opening, but Cameron Jackson and Jessica Cox, who run and curate the Alphonse Berber Gallery in Berkeley, have also curated this new exhibition, Rhythm and Rupture. In partnership with Era Gallery and Bar’s Alfonso Dominguez, Rhythm and Rupture features new work from Yvonne Mouser, Joshua Dildine, Justin Margitich, Christina Empedocles, Don Porcella and Stephanie Inagaki – artists who are engaged in defining the aesthetic claims and concerns of a new generation, according to the email I got about it.

Tonight’s opening is part of the Oakland Art Murmur, an AMAZING monthly event, which everyone in the Bay should check out sooner or later, and again and again. This is definitely one of my favorite recurring events around town, a great place to ponder (all kinds of) art and people watch.

I for one will check out and look forward to checking out this new exhibit, as Alphonse Berber is probably my favorite gallery in the Bay and I’m totally confident in anything Cameron and Jessica put out. For real, they’re that good. You’ve got to stop by Alphonse Berber. Check it, I even link to them in my sidebar, such is my admiration.

3. Gorgeous Gothic Givenchy

Click here for the complete collection on

I don't know either but I love it.
And I'm pretty sure this is a Mongolian lamb hair, puff-sleeved blouse. Yeah. Fashion is fantasy, friends.

Everything about this is luxe, luxe, luxe.

This is a graphic print, blue, sequin jumpsuit. But you love it. It's not overly Vegas at all. If you can wear this without it wearing you, just never take it off again. It'll be your thing and you will rule. the. world.

The sequins come in and out and are intricate and graphic.


I love it. It’s all great. I don’t know what else to say.

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7. Saab as Soothing and Smooth Salve

Click here for the complete collection on

The opener, a frilly floatly lovely.

See now here those same overly sweet pastels come off grown-up and gorgeous.

Another frothy, fantastic confection.

The details—floral appliqués, embroidery—are pitch perfect, add the right amount of texture and dimension, and overall just plain work (nay, make) the look of the line.

Showing leg and glowing.

Also like Karl, Saab sticks to a few familiar silhouettes. But where Chanel’s were burdened and frumpy, these are flattering and snipped. It doesn’t feel redundant to see the same shape again and again because the details are so beautiful and fitting.

Feathery and ethereal and feminine and you could never be sad if you put this on. Or maybe you could only be sad. It would depend maybe on whether you lived in a tower and if there were any witches with grudges in the area.

Elie, he’s not breaking any boundaries but this is a beautiful collection. And as a whole it all works together. The tailoring and apparent level of detail warrant the haute couture label. I’d wear every piece with relish.1

1. Mmmmmm, relish.

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